Monday, September 27, 2010

Presidential Duties

Last semester, I was nominated as a candidate for President of Sigma Tau Delta, English Honor Society.  I gladly accepted the nomination and proceeded to win the election.  I didn't realize at the time just how much work this job would be! 

Though it keeps me busy, I really enjoy my job as president of Sigma Tau Delta.  Last Thursday, Sigma Tau Delta hosted a Student Teaching Panel.  We invited Dr. Cochran and Professor Kinkopf to speak on our panel and allowed English Licensure students to come and ask questions, or present concerns, about the student teaching process in our English Licensure program.  To our surprise, we had around 15 students show up to share concerns with Dr. Cochran and Mrs. Kinkopf.  The panel ran smoothly and there was never a dull moment!  Students asked questions about how to get the school you want, what to do about your Praxis scores, student teaching dress codes, mentor teachers, grades for student teachers, and more.  This event is just one of many that Sigma Tau Delta will be hosting this year. 

  • Formal Induction- October 14

  • How to Get into Graduate School- November

  • Literary Jeopardy- November

  • Undergraduate Fiction Reading

  • Member Holiday Party, and More

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