Monday, August 30, 2010

Civil Rights in Hattiesburg

This cultural exhibit (which was on display in Hattiesburg this year during March and April 2010) explores photos taken by the late Winfred Moncrief during the civil rights movement in Hattiesburg. It was interesting to learn about the violence that occurred during the Civil rights movement in Hattiesburg. Houses were burned down, people were injured in shootings and fist fights and were sometimes even killed, people were unfairly jailed. These pictures which were displayed are an important part of Hattiesburg’s history, many pictures were of African American Hattiesburg inhabitants protesting shootings or violence which was performed wrongly against their friends and family. All of the pictures on exhibit were black and white and I learned that most of them had never been on display before.

The picture which stands out most in my memory, is that of a young man standing in his smoky yard, looking at his father’s burned down house. It is interesting to learn about Hattiesburg at this period of time. I have always been interested in Hattiesburg’s history in this regard, but my grandparents are not fond of the topic and I usually have to learn in other ways. I appreciated the opportunity to see this exhibit in March and I hope that Hattiesburg continues to display the history of their culture.

Hattiesburg American Announces Exhibit